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Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are a well established language school in Atlanta that offers Spanish and German classes using Graded Reader Method. Our class size is between 2 - 6 students. We are conveniently located across Lenox Mall.

What you will learn in the basic Spanish class

In our six weeks basic Spanish class you will acquire a vocabulary of more than 400 words. You need a vocabulary of around 2000 words, in order to become a fluent speaker. Our basic Spanish course will also give you a very good understanding of the structure of the language. When you speak, you have to build your own sentences. For this you need to acquire a very good command of the structure of the language. After attending our six weeks basic Spanish, you will see a marked improvement in your ability to retain Spanish words and structures. Speaking is all about recalling which depends on retention. Our set of next three intermediate courses will give you a vocabulary of more than 2000 words and a very good command of the grammar. You will learn how to build your own sentences.

Why a vocabulary of more than 2000 words is essential.

Adults speak at a rate of 100 words per minute. A thirty minute conversation involves an exchange of 3000 words. Assuming each sentence is six words long, 500 sentences are exchanged even in a small conversation. A very good command of the language is needed for this. Graded Reader Method will help you acquire this command. Graded Reader Method will get you results faster.

High school Spanish versus Graded Reader Method.

In High school Spanish the focus is on output for testing and grading purposes. In order to speak you need a lot of input. You have to see or hear a word 20 to 25 times before it is retained permanently and can be recalled with ease for speaking purpose. Reading enables you to do so.

Total Immersion versus Graded Reader Method.

Total immersion uses only the target language in the class. Since the students do not know the language they can not ask questions nor teacher can explain anything. Not much learning can take place in this environment. In order for you to use words and structures to build sentences, you have to understand them first. In order to understand them someone has to explain them to you. They can only be explained to you in a language that you can understand. Language industry thrives on selling questionable language learning systems to those who do not have any prior language learning experience. In Graded Reader Method, things are explained multiple times till the students understand them.

Conversational Spanish versus Graded Reader Method.

A lot of language teachers will tell you that speaking is the best way to learn a language. However if you are not able to build your own sentences you can not speak. In many conversational Spanish classes, students are forced to repeat phrases. This rarely leads to long term retention. Reading is the post powerful tool for long term retention of words and structures. Most language learners do not read enough to see its benefits for retention.

"Oh its just a reading group".

Some of our inquirers think that reading is a less useful aspect of learning a foreign language. The reality is that reading teaches you to build your own sentences which leads to speaking. Majority of the people who are biased against reading, themselves have never learned a foreign language successfully as an adult, living outside of the country where the language is spoken. In life we do run into people who have strong opinions about things they have never done.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Language Institute of Georgia
3355 Lenox Rd Suite
750 Atlanta, Georgia 30326.


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