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Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are a well established language school in Atlanta that offers Spanish and German classes using Graded Reader Method. Our class size is between 2 - 6 students. We are conveniently located across Lenox Mall.

Class stucture and pricing

Each course consists of 15 hours of classroom instruction. Class meets once a week for two and a half hours for six weeks. The price of each course is $225.00 and includes the course material. Please read our schedule section for start dates.

Learning to build your own sentences

In real world you will carry on your own conversations. In order to carry on your own conversations you have to learn to build your own sentences. For this you need a strong vocabulary and solid understanding of the structure of the language. Graded Reader Method will help you acquire both.

Acquiring literacy before speaking

Our system will enable you to read in Spanish with comprehension in less than six months. The advantage of acquiring literacy before trying to speak, is that you are far more likely to speak a language that you know. The link below elaborates this aspect of learning a foreign language in more detail.

A widespread myth about learning a foreign language

Conversational Spanish versus Graded Reader Method

In many conversational Spanish classes you will be forced to repeat sentences or phrases in Spanish. This mimicry rarely leads to long term retention. In order to carry on sustained conversations, you need a high level of mind-language integration, which comes from extensive reading. Multibillion dollar industry of language learning materials, which has a lot of influence on institutions of higher learning, sees no benefit in promoting reading. Don't trust names in the language industry, trust what makes sense.


Why a vocabulary of 2000 words is important

Adults speak at a rate of 100 words per minute. A thirty minute conversation can involve an exchange of 3000 words. A strong vocabulary is thus essential for carrying on a sustained conversation. Graded Reader Method is the fastest way of building a strong vocabulary. In this method you see words and structures in their proper context and that helps greatly in retention. Please read our method section for more detail.

Try our one hour sample Spanish class

Our one hour Spanish class will give you a very good introduction to the Spanish grammar and will also let you see how Graded Reader Method works. You can register for it via schedule section. Our next Sample class is scheduled for Sunday the September 13th from 6:45pm to 7:45pm. Its cost is $15 and includes class material.

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Language Institute of Georgia
3355 Lenox Rd Suite
750 Atlanta, Georgia 30326.



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