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Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are a well established language school in Atlanta that offers Spanish and German classes using Graded Reader Method. Our class size is between 2 - 6 students. We are conveniently located across Lenox Mall.

Why we use Graded Reader Method in our Spanish classes

Graded Readers will expand your vocabulary and help you understand a wide variety of language structures. This will enable you to build your own sentences. In real world you carry on your own conversations. For this you need to build your own sentences. With our set of four courses you will be able to read in Spanish on your own with comprehension. You will also aquire a vocabulary of more than 2000 words. The logic behind being literate in Spanish before trying to speak it, is that you are far more likely to speak a language that you know.

In Graded Reader Method you see words and structures in their proper context. This helps greatly in retention. Speaking is all about recalling which depends on retention. You will see progress right from the first class.

Why a vocabulary of more than 2000 words is essential

Adults speak at a rate of 100 words per minute. A thirty minute conversation involves an exchange of 3000 words. Assuming each sentence is six words long, 500 sentences are exchanged even in a small conversation. A very good command of the language is needed for this. Graded Reader Method will help you acquire this command. Graded Reader Method will get you results faster.

I want to speak. Why should I learn how to read ?

If you can not read it means that you do not recognize the language that is in front of you. It is highly unlikely that you would be able to recall it from memory and use it in speech. In other words you are not very likely to speak a language that you do not know. Learning to read is the best way to get to know the language especially if you are not in a country where you are surrounded by the target language all the time.

There are people who can read but still can not speak

Being able to read and then reading a few pages may not translate into speaking abilities. You have to read to a certain extent to get the necessary reinforcements. You have to see a word or a structure 15 to 20 times before it is retained permanently in your memory. Typically reading 10 to 15 Graded Readers will translate into speaking abilities.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Language Institute of Georgia
3355 Lenox Rd Suite
750 Atlanta, Georgia 30326.


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