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Learn Spanish or German via Graded Reader Method

Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are a well established language school in Atlanta that offers Spanish and German classes using Graded Reader Method. Our class size is between 2 - 6 students. We are conveniently located across Lenox Mall.

Class structure and pricing

Each course consists of 15 hours of classroom instruction. Class meets once a week for two and a half hours for six weeks. The price of each course is $225.00 and includes the course material. Please read our schedule section for start dates.

Graded Reader Method

Graded Reader Method is the fastest way of building a strong vocabulary, which is the key to fluency. In this method you see wide variety of words and structures in their proper context which helps greatly in retention. Graded Reader Method will give you results faster. Our set of four courses will give you a very good understanding of the Spanish language. If you then go through 10 to 15 Graded Readers, you will be able to build your own sentences with fluency and will be a fluent speaker of Spanish. We have been delivering solid results for the past 11 years. You will see progress from the very first class. That is our money back guarantee. Please read our method section for more details.

How words and structures are internalized

Typically you have to relate a word or a structure 10 to 15 times with its meaning, before it is internalized or retained permanently in your memory. Once internalized, you will have no difficulty in recalling it for use in speech. You need a vocabulary of at least 2000 words to be functional in the target language. Our set of four courses will get you there.

Why conversational Spanish classes don't work for beginners

If you can not speak a language outside the classroom, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to speak it inside the language classroom. What happens in a typical conversational Spanish class, is that you are forced to repeat few phrases. In real world conversations you will run out of phrases in less than a minute. In order for you to carry on sustained conversations, you should be able to build your own sentences. This requires a high level of mind-language integration which comes from old fashioned reading. We can teach you to read in Spanish with comprehension in less than six months. Unfortunately many language teachers themselves have never learned a foreign language as an adult. Very frequently they will force students to speak a language that they don't know or immerse them in a language that they don't understand. Click on the link below for more on this.


 Attend our Sample Spanish class

Attending our sample Spanish class will give you a very good idea of how Graded Reader Method works. The cost of the sample class is $15.00. It is offered on Sundays from 6:45 to 7:45. Check our schedule section for the exact date.
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